2021 Industrial Diary Dates


For all non health and safety matters such as pay, rosters, grading or changes in workload that aren’t health and safety specific. These are all discussed at the SCFC (Service Control Functional Council)

If you have an issue you would like discussed please submit it to your reps by the Preliminary (Preparation) meeting date, at this meeting we prepare any agenda items to submit to LU.

1st Quarter Meetings:

  • Prelim Meeting – 14th January
  • Movements Committee – 5th February
  • SCFC Full Meeting – 5th February

2nd Quarter Meetings:

  • Prelim Meeting – 23rd April
  • Movements Committee – 7th May
  • SCFC Full Meeting – 7th May

3rd Quarter Meetings:

  • Prelim Meeting – 12th July
  • Movements Meeting – 5th August
  • SCFC Full Meeting – 5th August

1st Quarter Meetings:

  • Prelim Meeting – 22nd October
  • Movements Meeting – 12th November
  • SCFC Full Meeting – 12th November