No Plan, No prIORITY RETURN, No Contracts

Since 2012 after concerns around 4LM were originally raised RMT fought a battle to get guarantees in place for staff that would protect their future. However on Monday it was apparent LU has forgotten about these agreements and has no plan in place for the future of Service Control staff in the signalling grades. If the shambles of Hammersmith is anything to go by, taking their word that it’ll be sorted would be suicidal. 


LU want to tear up agreements made at ACAS with RMT in which we won secondees the right to permanent contracts if a cabin or position will remain open for 2 years after they have done 12 months as a secondee. LU’s plan would see these secondees left manning the cabins on rolling extensions until they are not required anymore then sent back to their previous grade without even a thank you.

Under LU’s plan current secondees:

  • Won’t get a permanent contract
  • Won’t be given any opportunity to come back into Service Control
  • Won’t be guaranteed their previous location back
  • Won’t be supported into another role after giving up years of their lives to keep the cabins open.

LU are trying to turn grades against each other saying there won’t be enough space in cabins when Earls Court closes if the secondees have permanent contracts. What we say is, go over establishment, start releasing those from cabins on SCL1 and SCL2 training, and support service control colleagues into other service control jobs.

2012 Agreement Breach

The below agreement was made at ACAS to protect secondees but has not been followed


Displacement Plan

To put it bluntly there is no real plan. The only options LU are offering at the moment are to juggle staff around the cabins while they are closing. This doesn’t even take into account the extended commutes for some members of staff who would be forced into this.

Under LU’s current displacement juggle plan:

  • No support would be given for staff to further their careers in LU
  • No support would be given for staff to further their careers in Service Control
  • No priority return to Service Control would be given
  • No range of jobs and options would be provided.
  • The only option offered so far has been Train Operator


RMT have demanded the following:

A range of jobs and roles should be available to displaced staff including the best geographical locations of their choice. This should be done via a displacement and career conversation with the staff involved to find the best alternative role and to assist with career development. Consideration should be taken to put staff into roles that take staffing levels in the location they chose over establishment, and not just into roles with vacancies that suit the company. This will further enhance the skills in that business unit and to assist with future natural wastage and ongoing movements within the business.

Roles & Options to be included but not limited to:

  • Train Operator (Including Management Roles)
  • Stations (All grades & Including Management Roles)
  • Fleet (All grades & Including Management Roles)
  • Track & Signals (All grades & Including Management Roles)
  • Upgrades & Projects
  • Other Admin & Office Based Roles

2012 Agreement Breach

The below agreement was made at ACAS to protect displaced staff but has not been followed



In these difficult times knowing your income is protected is the most important thing. Once again this is something we won at ACAS and will fight to make sure it is upheld at every stage. This is a fundamental black and white agreement that had no small print in it and we will ensure all members are protected throughout their career in LU after displacement.

LU’s Pay Plan for Displaced Staff:

You will have two chances to become an SCL1 at HSCC after which you will have a career interview to decided the next steps

 RMT have demanded the following:

The displaced guard style grade be introduced immediately for Service Operators giving them the reassurance for any job role they may end up in.

Displaced staff be given ample opportunity to return into Service Control not just as an SCL1

2012 Agreement Breach

The below agreement was made at ACAS to protect pay for life


Priority Return to Service Control

The skills of a signaller are a rare commodity which should be nurtured into other roles in the Service Control family. We have a clear staffing crisis with other grades in Service Control yet LU wants to leave signallers out in the cold on a giant waiting list. Waiting patiently for their turn to become an SCL1 at HSCC, due to the size of this list the opportunity would more than likely never arise for most colleagues.

LU’s Plan for Returning to Service Control:

  • You will wait on the HSCC SCL1 waiting list for however long it takes
  • You will not be given any support to return into Service Control
  • You will not be given any opportunities to refresh or maintain your skills
  • You will not be red ringed for future service control opportunities

RMT have demanded the following:

Staff displaced should not be left on the HSCC SCL1 waiting list as their only option as this does not provide a priority return to service.

Following on from the 2008 & 2012 Dispute Resolution from London Underground the following principles should be followed:

  • Closed listing of all future Service Control vacancies to those displaced and within Service Control
  • Future SCL2/SCL1/DRM/LIS assessments will not be a pass or fail process but will be used to highlight any training or development needs for any displaced staff who have expressed an interest in the above posts and will be a genuine commitment to prepare the employee for the process of retraining.
  • Replace the interview and assessments with a Training Gap discussion and, as suggested, pick up the aspects currently assessed at interviews in other ways.

2012 Agreement Breach

The below agreement was made at ACAS to provide a priority return but has not been followed


2008 Agreement Breach

The below agreement was made in 2008 to provide a priority return but has not been followed