4LM Dispute

Metropolitan, District, Circle, Hammersmith & City - All In Dispute

The disastrous forcing through of the 4LM (Four Line Modernisation) programme with no thought or care given to the Service Control staff who’ve delivered it has pushed members to the edge across the Sub Surface Railway.

Members are under immense stress and concern worrying about their future and have called upon the RMT to act immediately to prepare with any means necessary to protect their jobs, terms and conditions and livelihood.

The Executive Committee wrote to LUL confirming RMT are now in a state of dispute over:

– The failure of your company to abide by agreements regarding the deployment of service control staff made, through the offices of ACAS, in 2008 and 2012.

– The unacceptable workload faced by staff at Hammersmith Service Control Centre.

RMT remains available for meaningful talks in order resolve this dispute.


Signalling Secondees:
These signallers have worked tirelessly to keep the signal cabins open, whilst we understand the need for secondments these particular secondees are being used and abused on a long term basis. They are unable to secure mortgages, plan their life or progress within service control due to being on a secondment contract. This is in breach of the 2012 ACAS agreement that states any signaller on a secondment for 12 months will be given a permanent position if that cabin is to remain open for 2 years or more.

At present London Underground has only proposed Train Operator as a future job option while juggling staff around cabins and control centres as they are closing. In some circumstances moving signallers quite literally from one end of the network to the other.

Priority Return to Service Control:
The only route back into service control London Underground are offering is on the waiting list to become an SCL1 at HSCC. This waiting list will have 150-170 staff on it making it unrealistic for staff to get back into service control via this route. At the same time there is an SCL2 staffing crisis which these staff could assist in. New service control vacancies are also being advertised company wide against previously made agreements for them to be advertised within service control only.

Protection of Earnings:
London Underground has also proposed that after two attempts of being an SCL1 at HSCC staff will be removed from the lifetime protection of earnings scheme.

HSCC Workloads:
No safety validation or risk assessments have been carried out and instead a bodged pay progression scheme has been imposed by London Underground to try and reach their end state. It takes no account of the current work levels already experienced by staff and the appalling working conditions they are in. The current grading system is not fit for purpose and staff are being put in a dangerous situation with the levels of responsibility and work placed on them.

The current workloads, responsibilities and grading for SCL1, SCL2 & SM at HSCC do not reflect running 40% of the Underground Network.