For the past year we have been pushing for the recognition of the workload of Signallers, Controllers, Information Specialists & Service Manager at HSCC. The workload they are expected to undertake for delivering the 4LM project is unprecedented and hasn’t even been safety validated. Controllers and signallers are expected to run multiple different signalling systems, different stocks and balance stock across different depots across SSR. 

At multiple functional council and upgrade meetings we have come to the table with solutions, whether that be with a specific uplift in grading for HSCC staff or the removal of cross line working for all control room staff. We have also highlighted the extreme workload controllers undertake managing timetables and service recovery. 

These talks have quite bluntly gone nowhere, LU is not listening and believes their model for the future of HSCC is perfect. Run 40% of the Network for Nothing.


"We have tried multiple times to get the company to listen to the concerns of our members on the SSR but they just aren't taking heed"

We need all members to step up and make their voice heard!
RMT Service Control Reps


At the same time for DRMs LU’s ‘One Team’ plan has actually translated into ‘One Roster’ . DRMs on the Metropolitan and the Circle / Hammersmith & City Lines are being forced onto one merged roster. Expected to know every bit of track from Hammersmith to Amersham and cover both lines by themselves on nights. This roster is going to have a massive impact on their workload, work life balance and potential for making safety critical errors. 

Once again another roster that hasn’t been safety validated! If the plan was truly to have one team then team events and training would take place to bring staff closer but this is clearly a cost cutting exercise to juice DRM’s for every last drop.

Once again for DRMs LU want More 4 Less!
Expected to run two lines for the price of one

RMT demanded LU stop this imposition, they refused.

DRM's now have a dangerously large area to look after. They fear they might make mistakes and lose their job because of it and aren't being listened to!
Duty Reliability Manager
Metropolitan, Circle, Hammersmith & City Lines + Chiltern!

SCL2 - HSCC Pay & Grading

The SCL2 job at Hammersmith will be the only controller left on the combine who is a full time controller, never doing signalling desks, making tough safety critical decisions day in, day out. With that comes an increased risk of making mistakes that will cost you your job. Alongside this comes managing the timetables and service recovery meaning a few bad days on the desk can cause massive headaches and stress for staff which takes a lifelong toll on wellbeing. 

To add insult to injury cross line working is also expected of controllers for no real benefit in return. This would further increase the risk of mistakes having to manage such a large area. Forced cross line working is already taking place on the Met/C&H desks with the company thinking this is ok, not understanding the pressure this is putting staff under.

RMT put forward to LU an increased spot rate of pay for all SCL2s such as SCL3

LU never replied to this point and instead made a insulting offer on the current not fit for purpose pay progression scheme

It's now clear LU doesn't understand the workload and what's expected of SCL2's and just expect them to get on with it without question!
Service Controller Level 2
District, Metropolitan, Circle, Hammersmith & City Lines + Chiltern!

SCL1 - HSCC Pay & Grading

Signallers are in a highly dangerous situation being expected to run every signalling desk at Hammersmith. Nothing like this has ever been done before. Yet again another imposition that hasn’t been safety validated by our H&S reps! A signaller would be expected to the run the service at Earls Court one day then at Harrow or Amersham the next, they would also need to know all the traction current sections, how the service works in the area and how to best carry out service recovery. 

LU claims one desk is exactly like another, we all know this isn’t true. Every signal cabin was different, just like every signalling control desk at Hammersmith will be different and requires a specific skill. The comparison of working at HSCC to other locations is completely different and needs urgently addressing. The risk to staff is too great and the stress this will place on them is also far from fair.

RMT forward to LU an increased spot rate of pay for all SCL1s such as SCL2
We also put forward for signalling desks to be split up into lines and adequately staffed

LU has refused to even talk about the SCL1 grade!

The company doesn't recognise how difficult learning, signalling and doing service recovery on every part of the SSR network is going to be!
Service Controller Level 1
District, Metropolitan, Circle, Hammersmith & City Lines + Chiltern!


The LIS team at Hammersmith are under immense pressure due to the complexity of the railway they have to provide information for and also assist with incidents. Not to mention the cross working with Network Rail on both the District and Met lines and liaising with outside train operating companies.

The role at HSCC is also unlike any other with the hands on role played by LIS acting as a support controller undertaking additional tasks during incidents. The immense pressure they are under to keep the paperwork correct, the railways running and everyone informed across multi branch and complex lines isn’t recognised or understood by LU.

When signal cabins close they’ll also be taking on that direct relationship with key interchange stations that used to be dealt with by cabins before.

RMT put forward to LU an increased spot rate of pay for all LIS members.

LU again refused to even talk about the LIS grade!

LIS feel ignored and under ever more pressure to provide accurate information to the most complex network on the Underground.
Line Information Specialist
District, Metropolitan, Circle, Hammersmith & City Lines + Chiltern!


Left to sort out the mess created by LU on a daily basis is the Service Manager team who now also need to  manage a hybrid signalling network with completely different rules. Not to mention the mass intake of staff they are now directly responsible for and increased service they’ll be expected to deliver and answerable for.

On top of this they have been left to manage the building itself. With the added responsibility for all the staff in an unfit control centre. Put this together with a fire in the building and having to put the railways away and evacuate people at the same time you have the making of a perfect disaster which they’d be accountable for.

RMT put forward to LU an increased spot rate of pay for all SM members.

LU has refused to even talk about the SM grade!

With even more team members to look after in the control centre and being in charge of the building SM's are under immense pressure to perform!
Service Manager
District, Metropolitan, Circle, Hammersmith & City Lines + Chiltern!