4LM Dispute Update – 22nd March


Today RMT reps met with London Underground again being invited along to an Adhoc Functional Council. Although we are in dispute with LUL and a dispute resolution meeting should of been arranged with LU Directors present they felt it appropriate to discuss this at low level negotiation table.

From the outset RMT made it clear, that we were unable to comment on any matters currently in dispute outside of a dispute resolution meeting where RMT head office officials would be present. This is required to sign off any official agreements and because local level managers in LUL do not have the power to negotiate on pay and conditions.

RMT attended to listen to any new proposals in good faith and report back to head office. In return it was used as a cynical attempt to propose more one sided proposal and undermine ongoing discussions by sending these company wide. 

RMT is in dispute over these issues and haven’t agreed anything. Yet LU have already sent out comms in an attempt to spin their own preferred line. They have yet again misread and mismanaged a sensitive stage in negotiations, rather than wait for meaningful discussions before putting their foot in it and setting things back by weeks.

We will be arranging zoom members meetings for the 29th March to 2nd April to update all members, take questions and support members across the board.

We welcome onboard all our new members this week!

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