Dark times ahead

When will your workplace close?

Colleagues, recently your union has been updated on the rollout of CBTC signalling and what impacts it will have on staff within Service control on the SSR.

The first locations to feel the impact on staffing will be Baker Street SCC with staff from there to be moved to HSCC, the company are proposing to move 6 people which exceeds what previous management had agreed to, at the same time staff from Whitechapel cabin will be relocated to Barking and Upminster.

The next workplace to be affected will be Earls Court looking at the first stages of closure with staff from there being displaced to either the District and Met cabins. how these relocation’s are decided is presently unknown but it may be career conversations, date entered grade or testing could be used to decide what happens.

Not all of Earls Court may be facing the chopping block right away though, the cancellation of SMAs 10,11&12 may lead to the possibility of Earls Court remaining open for a period longer; in the long term plans are that these areas will be run under legacy signalling within HSCC

The next wave of closures will be on the East end of the District with Barking and Upminster being taken over by CBTC. It is expected at this point the Met cabins will be fully staffed and East end District signallers not moving to HSCC will be facing forced displacement from service control.

CBTC then takes over the remainder of BSCCs areas of control leading to it’s closure and it’s remaining staff moving to HSCC.

The cabins at the North end of the Met will then begin to become absorbed by HSCC and staff without positions at HSCC will too face displacement from service control.


The company now has now changed it’s agreement of offering permanency to secondees. With secondees only being given rolling 3 month contracts or face a return to their substantive role.


Little thought has been given on how displacement will work with the only option being offered at this time as Train Operator. RMT demands all other roles be considered to what suit staff needs and career developments, including stations, fleet, maintenance and other vacancies in Service Control.

ACAS agreements

Agreements made at ACAS in 2012 are also being reneged upon.

Priority Return to Service Control

There has been no provision or thought made how displaced staff will be given a priority return to Service Control.

Protected Earnings for Life

LU is refusing to uphold protected earnings for life if you fail SCL1 training at HSCC

HSCC Building

There is no more space at HSCC with not enough lockers, toilets or facilities for the staff that are due to move over. A list of empty promised have been made with no set dates on any works being started.

Non Signaller rolesĀ 


The SCAC positions will also be cut back from 5 to just 2 at HSCC with any that do move over being backfilled with temporary secondments.


The DSCM role at Earls Court will also be ended at SMA3 with all Earls Court staff management being moved over to HSCC


We will lose at least 6 reps with cabin and control room closures with LU currently not offering any rep positions to look after colleagues at HSCC which will have over 100 staff.

The overall impact

With the rollout of CBTC signalling the SSR will face 50-80 service control staff forcefully displaced with the ACAS agreement for protection of earnings not being honoured. HSCC has a waiting list of 120 people but only 45 positions for SCL1!

The RMT position

We call for an mass meeting of members ASAP to consult with members about all the above issues and set the RMT’s position.