7th April – Coronavirus Updates

With the on-going stress and strain for frontline Service Control staff during the Coronavirus pandemic we wanted to provide a short update of all the issues we are battling for our RMT members.

Cleaning & hand gels

LU say that additional cleaning items such as sprays and sanitisers that SCMs are locally sourcing should be in all Service Control locations now but we’ve been made ware that this isn’t the case everywhere. 

If your location hasn’t receieved any additional cleaning supplies please email: support@rmtservicecontrol.com 

LU also stated all staff should of been allocated a personal hand gel including DRMs from the SAP orders they have made. Once again if this hasn’t happened please email: support@rmtservicecontrol.com 


We are once again being supplied with evidence of managers and visitors coming into control rooms when they could quite easily carry out tasks over the phone or remotely and blatantly ignoring social distancing rules.

If this happens tell them to leave immediately and if they carry on doing this then remove yourself and book on from home until you are provided with the guarantee that social distancing will be abided by in your workplace.


LU has once again shown their complete lack of care to the DRM grade and refuses to provide them with PPE equipment due to the poor advice provided by Occupational Health. Meanwhile there have been multiple coronavirus related deaths to our colleagues on the buses who are in contact with the public so until such a time PPE is issued to DRMs, stay indoors & stay safe!

remote booking on

A common sense success has been achieved with remote booking on being approved across Service Control. This applies to all signal cabins and any location where you had to go into another location to sign on for your duty.

goodwill supplies for service control

We are seeing some positive steps with goodwill supplies such as tea, coffee, refreshments and meals being provided for Service Control. SCMs have the authority to provide these so get onto your SCM and make sure they look after you when you need it most.

mileage claims

In a backwards move LU has decided to cap mileage claims for colleagues that need to drive into work to £20. This is a completely un-thought out decision meaning those in the vulnerable category that are now driving to work will have to pay out of their own pocket to come to work. Forcing some to put themselves at risk and use public transport. We asked LU to at least consider cases needing more than £20 on a case by case basis and LU refused. 


All training should now be suspended in Service Control due to it being impractical with social distancing measures. If you are being forced to train then you must refuse to do so explaining your reasons and make sure your safety is put first.

parking spaces

We have been informed that most Service Control locations should now have adequate parking for those wanting to drive into work. Once again if this hasn’t happened please email: support@rmtservicecontrol.com 

STaff numbers during covid-19

RMT asked LU to provide us with staffing numbers during the Covid-19 Pandemic and what areas are running with low numbers, LU didn’t appear to have this data to hand but said they would try and provide it to us. RMT believe there should already be a process in place to know what control rooms are hotspots for self isolation to try and identify any areas that need extra support.

cancelling of annual leave

LU are currently preventing any staff affected by Covid-19 who have had their holidays or leave arrangements affected by this national crisis being allowed to cancel their leave and take them at a later date. Even though Government legislation which is now law allows you to!

We are pushing this item to company council as it is a company wide issue that has consequences on all grades and needs resolving asap.

service update boards

We are extremely pleased to see that our suggestions of advertising a true and honest service has now been actioned and all service update boards should be advertising the expected headway of trains instead of good service.


It is very sad that LU decided to ignore RMT Service Controls advice on the new timetables that have been created which were completely in-appropriate and over optimistic. LU has now admitted these timetables are more for when the service starts to return to normal.

Thankfully due to RMT campaigning we have been able to prevent these off the shelf timetables being implemented and lines are remaining on their special timetables. We ask all members to write to their head of lines demanding realistic and workable future timetables and for proper consultation to take place.

RMT Service Control is also campaigning for a range of backup timetables to be created ready for events like these so we have them ready to implement instead of being re-active instead of pro-active. At this time LU claims they don’t have the resource to do this but we will keep campaigning on this issue and ask our members to join us.

prp - recognising service control

During what is a once in a life time event Service Control have once again stepped up to the mark and we feel recognition for this should be forthcoming from the company. We have reminded LU about the PRP process and those who have stepped up to the mark should receive it. We are wary if LU will deliver on this but be sure to keep your own log of reasons for PRP and submit them to your manager. Don’t feel discouraged to lodge a grievance if you know you’ve performed and they haven’t recognised you for it.