Your reps have been attending multiple meetings over the last week and will be this week coming as the boat that is Service Control is starting to sway in the waters. For many years Service Control have been keeping London moving but members are finding it harder to take it on the chin with more regular attacks on terms and conditions from LU and are starting to fight back. A clear message is beginning to show that Service Control needs to be listened to and supported by LU Senior Management instead of just being expected to get on with it.


Last week LU & RMT once again met at ACAS to discuss possible resolutions for the Osborne House / Victoria Line Service Control Dispute. RMT has put it’s cards on the table with issues we hope LU could work with us on to resolve, we had made some progress however clearly not enough. The Regional Organiser will be writing again to our NEC with recommendations of next steps with the possibility of the re-escalation of the dispute if not enough meaningful and hard progress is made at ACAS in the coming weeks.

4LM Upgrades

On Friday reps from all unions attended consultations on the 4LM upgrade project and how this will take shape. The 4LM upgrade will see the closure of all remaining signal cabins across London Underground and large numbers of staff displaced.

More news on this to be published later today!


RMT have written to LU with feedback from members on their upset on the poor levels of toilets and other facilities in the control centre. Reps are meeting LU directors today to discuss and will be pressing how urgent it is they finally start work to resolve all the building issues.

Further talks will also take place around our position on retired staff coming back into the grade, the attempted cuts on SCL2 numbers and the refusal of London Underground to provide union representation at Hammersmith to what will be over 100 staff once the building is populated.

This a fast developing situation which is escalating very quickly, RMT will not stand for any staffing cuts and presses LU to think before they make any rash decisions to save money on one of the hardest jobs in Service Control and why there are so many vacancies and what they can do to fill them.