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Fighting for a Fairer & Better Future for Service Control

Today your union have opened a ballot after a breakdown in industrial relations over various issues surrounding the 4LM project. We are calling for all members to vote ‘YES‘ for all actions short of strike action and vote ‘YES‘ for strike action after London Undergrounds proposals to resolve this dispute fall far short of what we see fit.

Hammersmith SCC

Since the introduction of 4LM our SCL2s, SMs and SCL1s working at Hammersmith SCC have seen an uplift in a workload which was already large with our Metropolitan SCL2s and SMs covering 3 lines prior to the migration. There has been no recognition in this increased work load and performance related pay hasn’t been implemented where it should have been. RMT are demanding that there is in immediate banding system implemented with staff moving up the band as they meet set requirements.

With the Metropolitan SCL2s facing staff shortages and many with transfer requests in place we demand that LUL address this issue by giving existing SCL2s an option to commit to HSCC for a short period of time for a pay rise that goes further then the top of the band. This pay rise should be permanent and not be a pay rise brought forward.

RMT demand that their is to be no cross line working for SCL2s, this creates various issues from having to learn and retain knowledge for 40% of the London Underground network, to the threat of an amalgamation of rosters and a vulnerability of future job losses, RMT also want the current Metropolitan SCL2 16 person roster to be unchanged. We also demand that new SCL2s see the same agreement as existing SCL2s.


For more than 5 years our signal cabins have been kept running thanks to Service Operator Secondees, following our dispute with London Underground in 2012 it was agreed that all secondees should be made permanent after 12 months should their location not be closing within 2 years. This agreement was adhered to until the end of 2020 where some of our secondees were placed on rolling contracts until February 2021 where some were sent back to previous grades seeing up to a £20,000 loss in salary. Your union will not allow previous dispute resolution agreements to be broken and we demand that all current and previous Service Operator Secondees are made permanent.

Displacement of Service Operators

As signal cabins and signalling control centres close many of our Service Operators will be displaced into alternative roles until they can suitably return to service control. Currently London underground has earmarked all these service operators to fill Train Operator jobs with little suggestions about other roles. Your union have demanded that all SOs have career talks and are able to choose what role they are displaced to with little restrictions.

Previous agreements have stated that all Service Operators will receive lifetime protection of earning, we are asking LUL to reaffirm this.

Reengagement of Retired Employees

London Underground are attempting to employ retired SCL2s on ‘zero hour’ contracts to use and abuse as they see fit. Your union will not stand for this, all staff should be employed on full contracts.

Trade Union Representative Numbers

With HSCC seeing such a large workforce we are demanding that the Machinery of Negotiations are revised to see local representatives implemented into the HSCC.

I am urging you all to vote ‘YES’ to both questions in the ballot for industrial action. It is vital we receive a huge ‘YES’ vote so we can continue the fight for an agreeable settlement to the dispute for members. If the statutory thresholds are not met, then no industrial action can happen – even if members vote overwhelmingly ‘yes’ for both strike action and action short of a strike. Therefore, IF YOU DON’T VOTE – IT COUNTS AS A ‘NO’ VOTE. We cannot allow London Underground to win and use the draconian anti-trade union laws in this Breakdown in Industrial Relations dispute.

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