Coming out of Lockdown – Latest News

As timetables start to ramp up again your Service Control team has been pushing the issues that matter to LU, we have started to see progress as the Dad’s Army project is put on hold and LU finally implements social distancing and starts to provide more PPE for staff.

If you ask us LU have been very slow on the take up but your union reps in the Health & Safety and Industrial fields continue the fight to ensure Service Control staff are safe and looked after. 

Service Control teams across the network have been doing a stunning job, writing timetables, managing the train service and looking after eachother. RMT thanks all Service Control and Staff across LU for keeping key workers moving and for stepping up to the mark during a once in a lifetime pandemic.



Where DRMs are sharing office space with others alternative work locations and office space are being looked at so they can effectively socially distance. If you can’t socially distance and no plan has been put in at your workplace inform your rep and SCM immediately.

Service control absences

Information provided by LU puts current absences at 11%, 8.7% of which is Covid related. These figures however do not take into account vacancies, secondments and all other reasons that we are down on numbers so the strain on Service Control remains across all control rooms.

Ridership levels

According to LU ridership levels are still at 10% of pre covid figures but the RMT still has concerns during peak hours with possible crowded trains, please take whatever steps you need to keep yourself safe while travelling and drive if necessary to protect yourself.

LU is putting work streams in place to look at likely increase in footfall over coming weeks with a wholesale review of what we can/can’t deliver with social distancing. We will keep you updated on this.


PPE, protective screens, barriers and hand washes should now be in all workplaces where staff have requested them. This workflow will now be regularly discussed at the Health & Safety council, please raise any concerns with your local rep and ensure social distancing guidelines are being followed in your workplace.  Don’t be afraid to remind colleagues or any managers who may get to close for comfort.


The long expected and negotiated pay rise is still expected to be delivered in Julys pay packets. The reason for the delay has been put down to a lack of admin staff to process it (maybe they shouldn’t of furloughed half of LU).


The job retention or furlough scheme as it’s known is still under review but expectations place LU taking maximum advantage of the scheme until it’s disolved while ridership and revenue is low. We will keep staff updated of any chances in the furlough process.

Deduction of Bank Rest Days & Annual Leave

The deduction of bank rest days and of annual leave for furloughed colleagues has now been raised up to company council to protect the interest of those shielding or unable to work while isolating so they still have leave and BRDs for when they return to work.


Our regional organiser has today written to LU demanding this new cost for staff driving to work is covered by LU:

I am formally extending this request to include all of our TFL / LUL members who are now incurring costs as a result of the re introduction of the congestion charge. Many staff are driving to, continue to be able to attend work and maintain safe social distancing. TfL needs to find a way to exempt/ protect their own staff from this cost

Please come back to me ASAP as this principal has a high impact on my members

Thanks John Leach RMT