HSCC Building Dispute – 7th Oct news

LU Finally wakes up (A Little)

Only with the ballot result for industrial action and action short have LU started to listen, however they still haven’t come back with any guarantees or firm plans that they’ll stick to.

Service Control & Signalling System Manager reps jointly met with LU on Monday 5th October at was called a dispute resolution meeting, where both sides set out their stall. We were clear on all of the outstanding safety and welfare issues ranging from toilets to parking, cleaning, lighting, access routes, security and kitchen facilities (plus lots more). Management gave the usual “we are working on it” responses, but LU confirmed he would take away the issues and formally write to the RMT in response to the concerns raised.

Our Regional Organiser made it clear that the strength of feeling and the yes vote for industrial action was unprecedented for issues relating to welfare and safety in our area, and that unless management give a serious commitment to resolving the issues in an open, timely and cooperative way, then he will be left with no alternative than to request our National Executive Council lay down notice of industrial action.

We await LU’s formal response pending which a report will be provided to the NEC.

The show of strength from the RMT of both Service Control & Signalling System Managers in this dispute is holding LU to account on all their previous false promises.