hscc building dispute – ballot to start!


For a control centre that has been opened since May 2018 (Over 2 years!) you would have expected most of the teething problems would have been sorted out by now. But in usual LU style staff are expected to put up with just one toilet between them all and a shambolic control room. In good news we welcome the fact a new designer has been commissioned to do some drawings, but find it completely unacceptable that after TWO YEARS someone is only just being commissioned to do some designs. As far as the RMT is concerned builders should be on the ground getting the situation fixed and more stalling making drawings of toilets is un-believable!

To send a clear message to LU we are demanding that the control room is up to standard within 5 months.
Before SMA3 and any more staff move in.

The failure of London Underground to rectify these sub-standard or non-existent facilities has led to members’ now wishing to take action and following a report received from the Lead Officer, the National Executive Committee has taken the decision to ensure the ballot matrix is ready and inform the Company that a dispute situation now exists over these matters and to prepare to ballot.

Your reps will be setting up a zoom conference for all staff at Hammersmith to attend to answer questions.

We will continue pushing regarding all the other issue at Hammersmith Control centre and this is the first step of the on-going & expanding campaign for improvements for staff at hscc!