HSCC Building Dispute Update

All the members who voted in the industrial action from Service Control to Signalling Systems Manager at Hammersmith deserve a massive a thank you as without the continued pressure they applied we wouldn’t of made the progress to date. 

Over the past months continued talks have seen the RMT negotiating team pushing London Underground to commit to works for improved welfare and building conditions for all staff. 

LU have began to listen with the implementation of a project manager to bring the building up to scratch, however rep feedback on the design and layout of facilities is still not being listened to so we will continue to battle for appropriate and up to standard facilities for all.

At this time we are still holding London Underground to account to deliver suitable welfare and building conditions for all staff and will not accept any more staff moving into the building until these are complete.

Project Timelines

We have been provided with the following timelines and will be pushing for confirmation dates on all aspects that haven’t been provided yet and ensure they are delivered.

  • Project Manager – Now a permanent HSCC Building Project Manager on site
  • High Level Clean – To be completed Christmas Day
  • Lighting Improvement / Replacement – New trial unit to be installed by end of January
  • Air Con – New condenser unit arrived, wall penetration and installation dates TBC
  • Toilets & Lockers – Awaiting Financial Approval |  Tendering to begin in January 
  • Tea Point – Awaiting Financial Approval | Resource Challenges for this Job – TBC
There are many other works taking place for UPS Batteries, Security, Gas Suppression, Lux Lighting.