HSCC Pay & Grading – LU Offer

RMT Push for Pay on SSR

RMT have been campaigning for over a year for the recognition of all grades at Hammersmith managing the SSR railway network. On multiple occasions we have put forward the recommendation of an SCL3 grade to increase staff retention and to recognise the ongoing hard work. At the last HSCC Upgrade talks in October we put forward a substantial spot rate pay increase for all staff at HSCC ranging from LIS to SM in recognition for the challenge facing everyone on Sub Surface Railway which always will be different from segregated lines.

RMT Proposed Spot Pay for HSCC: (Proposed October 2020)
LIS – 65k
SCL1 – 75k
SCL2 – 85k
SM2 – 95k

LU listened to our concerns and have now come back to us with their suggested solution.


SCL2 Pay Progression Offer

At todays functional council (12th November 2020) LU came forward with an offer to try and resolve the situation, the offer was:

– Immediate rise for all SCL2’s at HSCC in the pay progression scheme to Band D

The pay progression scheme terms and conditions would remain the same with the expected commitment of SCL2’s to go onto a cross line working roster and this would only be offered to current SCL2s with new joiners having to work their way up the scheme.


Pay Banding when Introduced

Thoughts & FeEdback

While it is a positive step in the right direction with LU recognising there is an issue with the pay and grading at HSCC is this enough?

We’d like to get all members thoughts on this including grades that have been offered nothing and will be setting up a members meeting for next week (16th-20th November) to take on your feedback and act as instructed by the membership.

Zoom Meeting Details will be released as soon as arranged.
– Please Attend –