Our Head Office has been keeping a close eye on this situation and with the excellent work of the Regional Organiser (John Leach) and our National Executive Committee member (Jared Wood) they have been keeping in contact with the local on the ground reps and putting updates out nationwide to all RMT members.

The latest update was sent out today and we expect in the coming weeks for LU to be providing updates to the Service Control Functional Council on how they plan to tackle this situation which will be welcomed by all if they are official LU contracts!

It has been made clear at every stage of this dispute that the RMT will not tolerate the undermining of working contracts with the introduction of agency contracts in the LU workplace. We are fully against agency terms & conditions to any worker from cleaners to engineers and always have and always will fight and campaign tirelessly for permanent contracts for all across the transport industry.

Update from RMT HQ – 1st June 2020

Further to my letter of 29th April 2020 as you will be aware that we entered into dispute with London Underground over plans to bring back retired staff to perform Service Control duties. These workers would be on agency terms and conditions and on zero hours contracts in clear breach of our agreed machinery of negotiation and without any consultation with your union.


A further report has been received from the Lead officer which has been considered by the NEC. Its decision is as follows:-


“That we note the report from the lead officer and congratulate the officer and LUL Service Control reps on making significant progress in this matter.


We note that LUL has stopped recruiting retired controllers through an agency and have committed to come forward with a new proposal to deal with the issue of coverage on service control during the Covid pandemic. Our representatives have called on the employer to give a direct LUL contract of employment to the one agency controller who has been recruited under the discontinued scheme.


The General Secretary is instructed to place any developments back in front of the NEC and to place an updated report before us no later than 26/6/20 in any event.


Members, branches and LTRC to be informed”.


As outlined above significant progress has been made and your reps and lead officer are congratulated for this. However the matter is not resolved and further discussions will take place on the new proposals once they are tabled.


As soon as an updated report has been received from the Lead officer and the NEC has considered the situation, I will write to you again to keep you informed of developments.

Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash
General Secretary