Mileage Expenses for Service Control

Service Control staff are becoming increasingly concerned about their ability to maintain the government mandated 2m distancing whilst travelling on public transport to work, especially during the peak. In light of the recent overcrowding which has been experienced on platforms and trains it is common sense to universally adopt the logical decision by some SCMs to authorise mileage and parking for those whom feel at risk. All service control staff should reserve the right to drive their personal vehicles to and from work and have their mileage expenses covered by LU. Failure to do so risks the closing of an entire room, let alone risk the health and wellbeing of invaluable staff. 

Despite the lockdown measures introduced on the 24th March, many passengers continue to use the tube for non-essential travel. Until we see a drastic reduction in passenger numbers, staff may understandably feel uncomfortable travelling on busy trains.

This applies to all staff and is not related to vulnerability or home situations. Additionally, for those whom don’t drive or feel uncomfortable travelling in the peak, consideration should be given to changing start times to avoid the peak. This is a no cost mitigation which should be a no brainer. Anything that mitigates the risk of losing staff to the virus must be obvious.

If SCMs are unwilling to cooperate, explain to them that you will require a delayed start time to avoid the busy mornings, or even that you are self-isolating for 14 days if you have been in close contact with people on your commute who have symptoms.

As you will no doubt understand, it has always been in the gift of any employee to refuse to work on the ground of health and safety. If this crisis does not fall into this category then what does? All steps should be taken to minimise our staff exposure to such a virulent and life-changing virus, to do otherwise is downright dangerous.