"What's the union doing about it?"

In a world of on demand services at the click of a button the most common question reps get asked by members is, what are the union doing about it? What appears to of been forgotten is that members are the union and they decide what get’s done about it but it doesn’t just happen by telling a rep, the union is a democratic process and we go by what the majority say or vote for. To do this there are processes in place so every member can put their opinion or idea forward, this usually takes place in the branch setting where a member puts forward a resolution or idea then their fellow members vote on it.

In the world of Service Control though due to it’s on demand nature we naturally expect a more on demand response from a union, send an email, delegate it to a rep, someone else’s problem. However this un-organised and individualistic approach doesn’t use the force or bargaining power of a united group of workers (which is recognised in law) and creates a whoever shouts the loudest get’s the most help approach.

To create real headway to make changes in your workplace you have to become organised, turn up to meetings, put forward ideas and organise within your workplaces.

So how do we get started?

As Service Control is quite fragmented which works in the favour of LU we are spread across numerous branches, some branches have a strong service control membership, some have little.

To help tackle this the reps have setup a Service Control Grade Committee which will be meeting four times a year which will be the Service Control outlet to put forward resolutions, ideas and plans for the future.

It will be your opportunity to take control, push issues to the front and put forward plans and ideas to change the future.

2020 Meeting dates:

Meetings will take place over zoom and invite details will be sent on the RMT Whatsapp, if you would like an email invite please email

Roles needed:

To have a functional grades committee we need the following volunteers to step up to roles, no experience needed, we will be learning this together and going forward together. You don’t have to be a rep, all you need is an RMT membership and to want to be involved.

  • Service Control Meeting Chairperson
    To manage the meeting, keep it ran in an organised and timely manner
  • Service Control Meeting Secretary
    To take notes on the meeting and register attendance
  •  Service Control News Officer
    To publish news and articles for fellow members
If you would like to try out these roles or just learn a bit more please email:

I want an issue raised at the meeting:

If you want an issue or idea raised at the meeting you need to submit it prior to the meeting or let the chairperson know prior so we can allocate time to you.

The best way to submit an issue or idea is with what’s called a ‘resolution’

In this you need the following:

  • Resolution Title
  • Basic information behind the resolution
  • What you want the union to do about it

Your resolution needs call on appropriate action for the item depending on it’s seriousness and whether LU has had an opportunity to address the issues. These can be split into two stage.

First Stage Resolution: If an issues hasn’t been raised with LU before or it is non urgent it needs be put in the machinery so LU have an opportunity to respond and address the issues.

Second Stage Resolution: If an issue is urgent or LU hasn’t addressed it, you can then call on the union to write to LU stating a position whether it be dispute, or a matter of serious concern. Or you can call on the union to prepare a ballot for a dispute.

Example resolutions