Return of Retired Staff & Other Updates – 20th April

Dads Army in via the back door

LU wants to return retired staff who may of been away from the company for up to 3 years! The most dangerous part of these dads army support staff is the fact they will not be employed by LU but via a third party company and be on zero hour contracts, not to mention the safety implications of having a safety critical member of staff who don’t come under the LU disciplinary procedure. 

This attack by LU opens the floodgates of agency and zero hour contracts and should not be tolerated. 

In consequence we’ll be having an Emergency Service Control Members Meeting on Zoom this Wednesday 22nd April at 7pm to discuss our actions regarding this in which possible industrial action will be discussed!

Meeting information will be posted on the RMT Whatsapp Group

interim timetables

LU intends to implement new timetables on the 26th April which we hope can work but look extremely optimistic and haven’t taken feedback from Service Control, Trains, Stations or Depots. We expect they will attempt to run these for a few days with planned cancellations but if they are un-workable please implement a special service that you find manageable to provide a safe & balanced service for customers and staff.

cleaning of control rooms

After multiple cries for improved cleaning Zoono disinfectant is now to be rolled out to be more control rooms and should begin in your location soon. If this doesn’t happen please contact your SCM and remind them to attend your workplace and also provide more cleaning products if you need them. Furthermore if you have any concerns or suspicion that your control room may have been exposed to Covid-19 you can ask the SM to request a deep clean job via the DOME or LUCC hotline. 

cancellation of annual leave

SCMs should now be adopting the company policy up to allow staff to cancel their annual leave up til May but encourage staff to take some leave to prevent burn out. If they don’t allow you to cancel your leave quote the LU guidelines as follows as it’s your legal right to carry forward your leave.

Also if you’ve had a holiday cancelled remind your manager they should assist with rescheduling this to ‘support your wellbeing’.

To see the latest Covid-19 Guidance from LU please visit our resources page.

furlough of lu staff

We expect Service Control Staff to be protected from this but will update as soon as we find out anymore information. We haven’t been presented with anything regarding this for Service Control yet but have pushed that as soon as this information becomes available we should be made aware of it for immediate discussion if it affects Service Control staff.