Un-Agreed Traction Current Arrangements

SOO Managing Traction Current

An un-approved variation to the LU Rule Book has been produced for the managing of traction current when no line controller is available. This change to traction current operations has been issued without any consultation at any Safety Councils.

This document outlines a process which transfers the responsibility and control of traction current to the Senior Operating Officer. However this document is not authorised and has not been through the correct safety validation processes.

It is for this reason that the RMT advises our members accordingly and we will provide our support as a Trade Union support should a member choose to exercise their right to refuse to work on the grounds of Health & Safety, as this document relates to the transfer of responsibility for traction current which is not approved in the LU Rule Book.

Any members put in this situation should ‘make safe’ the traction current area in the event that they do not have a ‘fully qualified and competent’ relieving controller to take responsibility for traction current activities.

The Senior Operating Officers do not hold the relevant qualifications and competences for the safe management of all traction current situations, and this process provided by LU is in breach of the Rail and Other Guided Transport Systems Regulations (ROGS).