Un-Essential Staff in Control Rooms

Social Distancing has become a normal and accepted practice in the UK over the last week however LU are dragging their heels in implementing and supporting this in the control room and Service Control environment.

We can all play our part with social distancing which will help stop the curve of the Coronavirus by keeping 2 metres apart.

Sadly, Government advice is being outright ignored in certain control rooms with managers popping in purely because they don’t want to be at home, or safely distanced at the end of a phone away from control rooms. Government advice is extremely clear that if you can work from home you should. RMT Service Control is calling on London Underground to maintain security and protection of control room staff from non-essential attendance of staff that can work from home or are un-required.

In certain control rooms due to the layout the LIS sits in close proximity to other staff and require face to face contact with controllers. The RMT feel the LIS is an operationally essential role and plays an important role in normal operations. However in the event that an LIS is not available for duty the railway will not come to a halt. With this in mind any LIS teams that can’t maintain social distancing or feel currently un-required and want to withdraw from their workplace, will be fully supported by the RMT for exercising their H&S rights and for following Government guidance for staying at home.