Victoria Line – Osborne House Dispute

The on-going industrial relations issues at Osborne House were looking more positive with the RMT suspending their industrial action with progress being made at ACAS however the situation is now taking a turn for the worse.

During this national emergency the Service Control team at Osborne House have been committed to maintaining and bending over backwards to keep the control room open. However new ill-advised duty sheets forced upon staff which ripped up all the previously agreed working processes and aren’t in the interest of the railway or the staff have further exacerbated the breakdown in industrial relations. Staff at Osborne House have been committed to providing a service for keyworkers but this attempt to further wind up and anger staff couldn’t be more poorly timed. Directors of LU have now had to step in to calm the situation down and prevent these completely irrational duty sheets being imposed which served no benefit to anyone.

The RMT stays fully committed to supporting it’s hard working Service Control team on the Victoria Line doing a stunning job during an un-precedented situation and will be raising this issue back with LU calling for an immediate resolution to the situation.