Service Control supports all our Colleagues Safety

During what is a new working experience for everyone, Service Control have been learning on their toes with little to no guidance from management. What were previously routine  working practices such as stock & crews, short tripping and reversing may no longer be safe. Potentially a lot of these custom practices may have to be avoided to help protect our colleagues on trains, stations and depots so they can social distance appropriately from eachother and the travelling public.

With very limited guidance being provided for controllers and signallers we want to support all our colleagues so if anything feels unsafe please let us know. We are under as much pressure as ever to run a service but our colleagues safety comes first. So if it isn’t safe and puts you at risk please tell us so we can cancel that instruction to keep you safe. The Service Control team in RMT are very close to their colleagues on trains and stations so we completely support any refusal to work on the grounds of health & safety.

In recent days media from a sister union has painted Service Control in a bad light that we don’t care about the safety of our colleagues on the ground, this couldn’t be further from the truth and is another reason why being in the RMT makes you safer. We work with our colleagues, will support any refusal to work on the grounds of health & safety, are an all grades union and don’t pick on other grades to blame.

So spread the message, if it isn’t safe please tell us and you have all our support to not do it! Just quote…

 “I am unable to carry out that instruction under Section 44 of the Health & Safety at Work Act because I believe it places me in serious and imminent risk”

And the instruction will be cancelled. We support you!

RMT Service Control